Design & Development

CIMECO offers design and development services to customers who wants to reduce costs on the design process or who do not have the necessary in-house capabilities to efficiently carry out the design and development process.


China Manufacturing

It is no longer a surprise that manufacturing in Asian countries such as China can give western companies great savings. For instance savings of up to 60% is not uncommon when outsourcing production to China.


China Inspection

CIMECO offers our third-party-inspection service to customers who have already found a factory in China. Our skilled and well trained quality and QC staff will make sure that your goods meet your specification and that they are shipped out safely from any location in China.


Global Logistics

Our shipping department handles the entire shipping process and customs clearance to destinations all around the world. We also provide warehousing in China at very competitive prices..


About Us


With offices in Hong Kong and mainland China, CIMECO is a manufacturing and supply chain management company. Our in-house engineering team can provide design and drafting support as well as production control and third party inspection services. Read more...


Areas of Expertise

We specialize in metal and steel castings, machining parts, sheet metal fabrication, injection molding, wiring harnesses, construction materials and shop shelving, POP displays, and light boxes.

Industries we serve

Over the years we have been the extended arms and preferred manufacturing and procurement partner in China and Southeast Asia for many renowned western companies.