Getting supplies from around the world is not without risk and it may happen that you do not receive exactly the quality you asked for. Mistakes can happen at any stage between placing the order and receiving your products. The material you requested might not be the exact material you receive. Problems may occur during the production process. And even if goods are produced according to specifications, damage can be done to your product during container loading and ignored if not supervised by a third party.

CIMECO offers our third-party-inspection service to customers who have already found a factory in China. Our skilled and well trained quality and QC staff will make sure that your goods meet your specification and that they are shipped out safely from any location in China. Within 24 hours of completing inspection we will send you an inspection report including:

- Dimensional & visual-inspection report
- Pictures & video clips
- Test reports
- Certificate of conformance

Should we find problems in your production our team will analyze the problem for you and send you a full 8D report and assist you in implementing the necessary corrective and preventive actions. Click here to request our third party inspection service!

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